My Monthly Obsession: Target Shoes

I’ve recently decided that Target is my favorite store. When I’m bored, I go to Target. It’s as simple as that. I could literally spend hours (and my whole life savings) in there. 

This summer I developed a love for Target’s shoes, more specifically their sandals…and I went a little overboard.

In July, I purchased four pairs of their sandals and I wanted to share them here.

– Here’s the first pair I got. I saw them and absolutely loved them. They are adorable and actually pretty comfortable!  

– You don’t want to know what I went through to get these two pairs of sandals. I saw them in May and fell in love — this was when I was still broke from studying abroad and didn’t have much money to spend. Every time I went into Target I looked at them and debated getting them, and finally in July I made the decision to get them in brown AND black. I LOVE gladiators and I thought these were super adorable. They, unfortunately, ran out of my size in stores but, after much waiting and constant checking online, I bought them and haven’t looked back since! They are so stylish and comfortable and add something to any outfit.


– The last pair is the pair that I wore to both days of Her Conference and I got them the day before I left, when I realized I didn’t have shoes to go with either outfit I had planned. They looked great with both of my dresses and I’ve also worn them to work a few times recently. Definitely a good, dressier pair of sandals.

The best part about Target is their prices. Combined, all four of these pairs of shoes cost about $85! What a deal.

Have you guys bought any cute shoes from Target? Share them in the comments below!

xx Emily


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