Trendy Tuesday! – LC Edition

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


This Trendy Tuesday is dedicated to my girl LC. While I understand that Lauren Conrad can walk around in a garbage bag and still look fab, I wanted to talk about this outfit and how great it is!

I am a lover for all things neutral. Black, beige, cream, grey, and white are my go-to colors. I really enjoy wearing neutral colors but dressing them up with statement jewelry, colored shoes, or other accessories, which is exactly what LC did here. I love lace and crochet pieces and this dress is so cute! The scalloped bottom is a nice touch to this delicate and feminine piece. If she were to wear just the dress, I’m sure she would look great, but she decided to add a belt, which I think was very smart of her. Then she adds the perfectly-matching shoes, which was another great idea!

The belt and shoes complete this look, in my opinion, and I hope to find pieces similar to this to make this outfit my own!

xx Emily

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