Friday Five! – Five Summer Beach Essentials!

So after realizing I haven’t been to the beach all summer and it’s already the almost August, I figured I needed to text my friends asap to plan a day trip in the near future! I’m planning to go some point next week and I’ve already started to think about what I need to pack (I get very excited for the beach, if you can’t already tell :))

Here are my five summer beach essentials. What are your’s?

1. Sunscreen. This may sound obvious but it’s ridiculous how many people either forget or just don’t use sunscreen. If you don’t use sunscreen, you risk the chance of getting sunburn (ouch!), or skin cancer, which is a very serious condition. Too many people think that if they put sunscreen on, they won’t get tan, but that’s not true! It’s so important to stay protected..your skin will thank you later.

2. Water, water, water! I can’t stress this one enough. Water is important for you no matter what, but when you’re laying in the sun all day and swimming in salt water, there’s a good chance you’ll get dehydrated. Make sure to prevent that by bringing plenty of water to drink throughout the day!

3. Sunglasses. I was so excited because this summer I finally purchases my first pair of Ray Bans after thinking about it for so long. I had always bought cheap sunglasses, but thought it was time to invest in a pair that would last me a while. I know they’ll get so much use at the beach!

4. An umbrella or good cover up. Yes, you may like lying in the sun the whole day, but you run the risk of getting sunburn and once that happens, you’ll want to take cover quickly. Whether you get a good coverup or an umbrella to sit under, you’ll be thankful you didn’t get more sunburn!

5. A good book! I hate to say it, but during my family vacation I probably read more books than I do throughout the whole year. To me, there is nothing better than laying out in the sun with a good book and without any worries.

xx Emily

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