True Life: I’m an Essie virgin.

Well, I was until just a few weeks ago. I have always used random, cheap nail polishes throughout my life. And I was fine with that. I never really saw the obsession that all these girls had with Essie or OPI. I could get essentially the same shade polish by a different brand for a few bucks cheaper. That was my mentality until I was searching for a polish to wear with my brightly colored Lilly Pulitzer dress. (The dress I got at the Lilly Warehouse sale last year. Check out my post about it here!) I knew I couldn’t choose a bright polish because it would be way too overwhelming with the fluorescent pinks and greens of my dress. I wanted to get a navy colored polish to balance everything out, and because there was a touch of navy in the dress.

As I was strolling around Ulta, I happened to come across the Essie section. Once again, I thought, “Why spend $8 on a bottle of nail polish when I could get a bottle for $4 in the other aisle?” I kept looking to find navy in other brands but couldn’t find a shade I liked. I made my way back to the Essie aisle and I saw exactly the color I was looking for. “After School Boy Blazer” to be exact. I reluctantly picked it up, falling into the Essie trap, and decided to purchase it. I happened to have a coupon that day, so it came out to be a good deal. (I’m always searching for bargains!) Right when I got home I opened the bottle and lightly applied a coat to my left index finger. That was when I lost my Essie virginity. I can honestly say that this polish went on smoother than any nail polish I’ve ever had. It dried very quickly, which is great for a girl on the go! Who has time to wait a half an hour for their nail polish to dry?! I applied two thin coats to get exactly the shade I wanted and voila, I found the perfect color to match my dress!



I know a lot of people look forward to the bright nail polishes for summer, but, in my opinion, I would rather wear bright clothes with a more neutral colored nail polish. That’s why I love this Essie shade. Navy is one of my favorite colors, partly because of it’s neutrality; I can wear this shade with essentially any color outfit.

I am very proud to share this moment with you guys and I am very excited to purchase my next bottle of Essie! Any recommendations?

xx Emily

Note: I am in no way affiliated with Essie. These are all of my own experiences and opinions about their product.

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