Friday Five! – Favorite Summer Fruits/Veggies

It’s hard to find good fruits and veggies in the winter, but one of my absolute favorite things about summer is fresh produce! Coming home after a long day at work to see a huge fruit salad in the fridge made by my momma – ugh, can’t beat that feeling. I’m going to share my five favorite fruits/veggies to eat in the summer!

1) Pineapple – probably my favorite fruit overall, but it’s especially great in the summer!

2) Watermelon – I’ve heard the trick to finding a good watermelon is to make sure it has a yellow belly! I love, love, LOVE me some juicy watermelon!

3) Cantaloupe – so good mixed in with fruit salad or even just with some watermelon! The cantaloupe and watermelon juices mix so well together and it’s so sweet and delish!!

4) Tomatoes – you can’t beat summer tomatoes. One of my favorite summer meals is a tomato sandwich. Just pop some toast in the toasters, spread some light mayo and put some tomato slices on it, add a dash of salt and pepper, and you’ve got yourself a perfect lunch for those summer days!

5) Avocados – I have an unhealthy obsession with guacamole. No lie – I make it about once a week in the summer. It is one of my all time favorite foods! Also, this may sound like a weird recipe, but I love to slice up some avocado and red cabbage and pour on some balsamic vinagerette to make a little salad! It’s very tasty and so filling!

What are your favorite summer fruits/veggies? I’d love to know!

xx Emily

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