Friday Five! – Five Favorite Gossip Girl Fashion Moments

Hello, hello!

Today I’ll be sharing with you my five favorite fashion moments from one of my favorite shows, Gossip Girl! I am in LOVE with a large majority of the outfits that both Blair and Serena wear and I even love the men’s fashion too (but I’ll save that for another post)!

1) I absolutely LOVE this outfit. I think the floral dress is so preppy and cute and I just love the headband. Her purse (which you can kind of see in the basket of the bike) is a great addition to this spring outfit.


2) I remember seeing this dress when I watched the episode and I immediately thought that it was one of the most gorgeous gowns I’ve ever seen. I love the hi-lo style and the dark grey looks great on Serena. She looks great in any outfit, but this one is particularly one of my favorites!


3) This episode was def. one of the best fashion moments for the whole cast! If I remember correctly, everybody was wearing white and everybody rocked it. Blair looks fab (but honestly, when doesn’t Blair look fab?!) in this white lacy dress. I love the halter top and especially love the headband on her. Her tanned skin and brown curls are just another reason why this look is one of my faves.



4) I especially love Serena’s outfit in this picture. Just look at her strutting down the streets of New York! I am in love with the plaid and sequins combo, the high socks, and her long blonde locks. This outfit has a good combination of classy and sexy.



5) Last, but definitely not least. This episode was one of my favorites. I love how these two, after making up after a fight, decide to go for a lovely photoshoot! Whenever I see one of these photos on Tumblr, I instantly reblog it. They both look amazing in their solid-colored long sleeved dresses and gold shoes, and their hair looks gorgeous (as it always does)!



You can’t deny that Blair and Serena always look great, but these were five fashion moments that really stood out to me! I would love to hear your opinions on these outfits and your favorite outfits from this wonderful series and I am definitely open to any other Friday Five ideas you may have for me!


Gossip Girl


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