Friday Five! – Summer Netflix Binge Shows

Hello! Like I said, I am going to be posting a lot more this summer and I’m hoping to keep up with my Friday Fives! This week, I want to share five series I’m going to be watching on Netflix this summer! Now I know summer is a time to be outside, hang out with friends and family, go to the beach, etc., but I could always use a Netflix binge every once in a while! In no particular order, here they are:

1) New Girl! – Okay, I’ve started this show after so many of my friends have told me they liked it and now I’m hooked. I love it! I can’t wait to catch up!

2) Grey’s Anatomy – Favorite. Show. Ever. I’m on season 7 right now and I can honestly say it is my all-time favorite show. The plot and the characters are fantastic and I am so excited that it was picked up for another season!

3) Gossip Girl – Another one of my favorite shows. I’ve already watched it before, but I just started re-watching it because it’s just too good. Nate Archibald <333. I’m curious to see how watching it will be different after knowing who Gossip Girl is!

4) One Tree Hill – I’ve heard SO many good things about this show and I just love Chad Michael Murray (umm, who else loves A Cinderella Story?!). 

5) Desperate Housewives – Again, I’ve heard a lot of good things about this and I’m really curious to see what the hype is about!

Let me know what you’ll be watching this summer and feel free to leave me any suggestions!

Also, I’m always open to suggestions for blog posts. I would love to post what YOU want to see, so never hesitate to let me know!

xx Emily

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