Friday Five! – Celeb Crushes ;)

For today’s Friday Five, I chose to do five of my celebrity crushes!

1. Zac Efron – Alright, I’ve loved him since the days of HSM and I honestly don’t think I’ll ever stop adoring his baby blue eyes and gorgeous face. Who’s excited to see him in his new movie, The Neighbors?! I know I’ll be there.

2. Adam Levine – I’m proud to say I’ve been a fan of Maroon 5 since their first album, Songs About Jane, came out and seeing Maroon 5 has to be one of my favorite memories. They sound exactly the same as they do on record and it’s beautiful. But more about Adam Levine… He’s one of the only guys in my eyes that can pull off tattoos, and man does he pull them off well! I love him in Maroon 5, as a host on The Voice (and his bromance with Blake Shelton, obviously), and just as a person in general. Still bitter that he’s engaged…

3. Patrick Dempsey – Mmm McDreamy. Ever since I’ve started watching Grey’s Anatomy last summer, I’ve been obsessed with him! He is such an amazing actor and he’s absolutely gorgeous.

4. Chace Crawford – Nate. Archibald. Need I say more?

5. John Krasinski – Personally, I think he’s very, very underrated. He’s been in a few movies but is most known for his role as Jim in The Office. I hope to someday have a love like Jim and Pam!

Who are your celeb crushes? Let me know!

xx Emily

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