Five Best Parts of Super Bowl XLVIII

5. The Turbotax commercial. Hilarious! Loved the analogy between the watching a team that you’re not cheering for play in the Super Bowl and watching the girl you like dance with another guy at prom – very clever. I just thought Sean’s dancing was hilarious and it was a very funny commercial, especially since it was for TurboTax!

4. The Budweiser puppy commercial! So adorbs. Watch it for yourself and tell me you didn’t tear up a little bit!

3. The Budweiser ‘A Hero’s Welcome’ commercial! Dang, these Budweiser commercials have really done it this year. Weird… two of my favorite commercials were Budweiser ones! These military homecomings always make me tear up, but I could probably sit in my bed all day and watch them on YouTube. They just melt my heart! This commercial was very well done and heartwarming!

2. The halftime show! Bruno Mars.. I loved him before the halftime show, but I have so much more respect for him after that very classy performance! The gold and black outfits were great and like I said, very classy! I loved the songs he chose to sing and when they were showing the military men/women before he sang “Just the Way You Are,” I almost lost it. Bruno, can you sing that song to me? Please? Incredibly well done! And the Red Hot Chili Peppers were also great but I wish they did more than one song! Overall a great halftime show!!

1. I think all you ladies can agree that the David Beckham H&M commercial was, hands down, the best part of this very boring and disappointing Super Bowl! I don’t think I even have to explain my reasoning. I’ve watched it about five times already and I’m still not tired of it. He’s just so dreamy! I don’t normally like tattoos but man can he make them look good…

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Congratulations to all you Seahawks fans! I was more in favor of the Broncos, but I just wanted a good game and unfortunately I didn’t get that! I’d love to hear what your favorite parts of the game (or commercials) were!

xx Emily

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