What happened in 2013?!


Since 2013 just ended I thought I would reflect on what happened this past year and what my favorite things were! As I was reminiscing on the year, I realized overall how much I have grown as an individual and I am so excited to see what 2014 has in store for me!

January – January was a rough month for me. After going back to school after winter break after my first semester of college, I was miserable. I did not want to be back there and I strongly considering transferring to a different college. I did not like the distance my school was from home but soon I realized how stupid I was being and thought about all the great opportunities that I had at my current university and ended up having a fabulous second semester! My advice to any of you ladies who had a rough first semester of college or for those who are not yet in college: Give it a chance. If I stuck with my original thoughts after my first semester and transferred immediately, I wouldn’t have realized the great opportunities that lie ahead, I wouldn’t have met some truly great people, and I wouldn’t have realized what an amazing college I go to! So please, please, please, give it at least two semesters, and then if you really hate it, maybe it’s not the right school for you! But I can’t imagine all the regrets I would have had if I decided to transfer after my first semester…

February – Feburary is always a very slow, long, freezing month. I don’t remember much from February 2013, but I just remember it being very stressful with midterms!

March – In March I got to go home for spring break, which was so nice! It was my first time being home since January, so it was so great to be able to spend a week at home with my family and friends!

April – Twenty One Pilots and Neon Trees came to perform on my campus, which was so much fun! I feel so old, but I finished my freshman year of college at the end of April! I love how early my school gets out. It was a stressful few weeks to say the least, but definitely finishing off school was the highlight of April!

May – I got hired for two summer jobs! All throughout the summer I worked at as a hostess at a local restaurant and at Banana Republic!

June – I took a few day trips to the beach but don’t remember much else from this month! Like I said, I worked throughout the summer and just spent time hanging out with friends and family!

July – I went on vacation with my family to New Jersey for a week! It was so nice and relaxing to get away and not work for a week! :) I also got my wisdom teeth out at the end of the month, which gave me more of an excuse to lay around and watch Netflix all day. ;)

August – August is my birthday month so I celebrated with my family. I spent as much time as I could with my friends and family because at the end of the month I went back to college to start my sophomore year!! (I still can’t believe it!)

September – Finally got back in the groove of college life. I got to catch up with friends that I didn’t see all summer as well as met some new friends from my classes! 

October – Very stressful month in terms of schoolwork, but on the bright side I got to see both OneRepublic and Selena Gomez (and Emblem3) in concert…in the same week! They were both so amazing and if you have the opportunity to go see either of them, do it!

November – I got to see Timeflies in concert! It was so much fun and so different than any concert I’ve been to! I would love to go see them again. I’m obsessed with their Timeflies Tuesday videos! I also went home for Thanksgiving break so I got to catch up with some friends and family!

December – The first two weeks were so stressful studying for finals, but in the middle of the month I finished my semester and got to come home for a few weeks!! It is so nice being at home without having to worry about anything school related, eating home-cooked meals, baking endless amounts of cookies that I’ll later regret, and sleeping all I want! Soon it’s time to get back to reality! :(

Those were the highlights of my 2013! It was definitely a great year! What were your favorite parts of this past year? I’d love to hear!

xx Emily

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