What I got for Christmas 2013!

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and that Santa was good to you! :) I wanted to share with you the items that I got for Christmas!

1. White Ralph Lauren button-up ~ I (surprisingly) didn’t have any button ups before this Christmas, so I decided to ask for a plain white one! It is definitely a preppy closet essential and can  be dressed up or down. Sorry it looks a little wrinkly in the picture; I actually wore it on Christmas!



2. Grey sweatshirt from Athleta ~ The picture doesn’t do this great hoodie justice. It is so comfortable and I know I will wear it a lot with leggings to class when I’m feeling lazy! It’s a little longer and covers the butt, which I like a lot. It also has pockets, which is always a plus! :)


3. Cream sweater from Ralph Lauren ~ I actually bought this the day after Christmas, but wanted to include it! It is just a plain cream colored cable knit sweater with a navy blue Ralph Lauren logo. I need more warm clothes for school and it was on sale, so naturally I had to buy it! :)



4. Gloves and a headband from Athleta ~ I needed more winter accessories and these are super warm! The headband has a hole in it for your ponytail, which is awesome! It will be good to wear while running off all the sugar I’ve been eating over this break! The gloves are SO warm too and I am able to text and use my phone while wearing them, which is so nice!


5. Camel and black sweater from Banana Republic ~ I actually work at Banana Republic and while working on Black Friday, I saw one of my co-workers wearing it and thought it was super cute, so I decided to ask for it for Christmas. It is made of wool and cashmere and it’s so warm! I think it will look great with a pair of black pants, flats, and a statement necklace!


6. Suede flats from Banana Republic ~ Right when I saw these shoes at the store, I knew I had to get them. They are so adorable! I love the dark green and gold together. I already have the same style in black and they are so comfortable. I am so excited to wear these to work because I know they won’t bother my feet after a while!



7. Portable iPhone charger from Athleta ~ I have been eyeing these for quite some time now because my phone always dies at the most inopportune times, which is not good being away at college! This charger first needs to be charged, then you plug in the USB cord from your normal iPhone charger and plug that into your phone to charge it. It is so convenient and the pattern is so cute!



8. Necklace from J. Crew ~ I LOVE this necklace! The chain is a darker gold color and I definitely needed more gold in my jewelry collection. It can make any outfit dressier and I am definitely looking forward to wearing this!



9. Alex and Ani “E” initial bracelet ~ I have recently become obsessed with these bracelets! Including this one,  I have four and I just love how they look! The first three that I have are silver and this one is the first gold that I have, but I hope to collect more of both color and eventually fill my whole arm with them! (Okay, maybe not that many, but you get the point!)


10. Earrings from J. Crew Factory ~ I picked out these earrings to go with the necklace I got (#8) and I just love how they look together! The metal used is the same shade of gold and the diamonds just look great together. Lke I said, I needed more gold in my jewelry collection and thought these studs would be a great addition. Plus, they were 40% off the original price! How could I say no?


11. Fossil “Stella” watch ~ This was actually purchased when Piperlime was having a 30% off sale, so it was a great deal! Right when I saw they had it available online, I called my mom and told her I really wanted it for Christmas! She got one of the last ones because a few minutes later, I noticed it was no longer available on the website! (Thanks, mom!) I am obsessed with this watch. I have a black watch from Target that I wear occasionally, but I really, really wanted a tortoise shell one and I fell in love with this one when I saw it. I love the diamonds around the face and I just think it is so classy. I am so excited to wear this! A watch is definitely an essential for college, when taking an exam in a classroom with no clock on the wall and when walking to class and want to check the time without getting your phone out of your bag!


Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns! I’d also love to hear what you guys got for Christmas!

xx Emily

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