Summer Crafts!

Even though I’ve been on summer break for quite a few weeks, I would like to share some of the fun projects I have planned to do for the rest of the summer. Though I don’t always have time for arts and crafts, I love doing them! One of my favorite categories to look at on Pinterest is “DIY & Crafts” to see all of the fun and creative ideas people chose to share. Here are a few DIY activities I found on Pinterest that I hope to do before the summer wraps up!

1) Image

As you know, I love Lilly Pulitzer and all of the fun patterns that she has! I found this and thought it would be a cool craft to do and hang in my dorm room next year. If I have time, I think it would be great to make them for my roommates so we can add some color to our room! I went to Michael’s and bought an ‘E’ and some paint, but I’m having trouble deciding on which pattern to paint! If you have any suggestions, please let me know!



I think this idea is so fun! It’s so simple, but very vibrant and colorful. Essentially, all that this craft requires is a canvas and gems (lots of them!). Again, I think this would be perfect to hang in a room or dorm room, to add a pop of color. I like how it’s simple in the way that it’s just one word on the canvas, but also complex due to the use of all the colorful gems. One of the hardest parts of this project would be picking which word to use! Again, leave any comments for some words that would be good for this craft!



This idea is very cool and I actually have already started it with a mason jar and some acrylic paint! All you have to do is print out your favorite pattern, put the paper into the jar or glass and tape it so it doesn’t move, and basically trace over the pattern with paint on the outside of the jar. I would definitely recommend getting a very, very thin paint brush if you will be using an intricate pattern. This project is very versatile because you could choose any glass object to paint on and use any pattern you want to paint! I plan to make a few of these, all with different patterns, to put on my desk to hold pens, pencils, etc.!


4) Image

I made one of these last summer but I definitely want to make another one because I enjoyed it so much and it was a great decoration for my dorm room!

Materials needed: Canvas (any size), paint (I used acrylic), vinyl letters, spray paint,            magazine clippings, or whatever else you want to use!

What to do:

1) Paint a pattern on the background. It could be anything you want! Last year I painted a     chevron pattern in all different colors. No matter what you do, it will all come together in the end. Instead of choosing a pattern, you could also use cut outs from magazines or pages from books! (shown on the website below).

2) Carefully place the letters down with whatever quote you want to use. Make sure they’re centered or placed however you want them to be placed.

3) Pick a color spray paint that you really like because that will take up the majority of the canvas. Spray paint over the whole entire canvas, making sure it’s dark enough so you don’t really see the pattern/magazine clippings/book pages through the spray paint.

4) I don’t remember exactly how long it took, but I would say to wait at least a half hour to an hour for the spray paint to dry. When it’s dry, carefully pull the letters off of the canvas.

5) You’re done! Let it air out a little bit before you hang it anywhere, but when it’s completely dry and ready, hang it in your room or dorm, or give as an awesome homemade gift!

Pinterest is my number one source for looking for crafts and I am eternally grateful for it! Do you guys have any fun summer crafts you plan to do? Let me know!

xx Emily

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