Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale!

Well, I did it! I survived my first Lilly Warehouse Sale and I’m already counting down the days ’til the next one so I can grab some more great deals! After the 2:45am wake up call, late night Wawa trip for some much-needed food and fuel, car ride on the pitch-black roads, and standing in line at 5:00 in the morning, we finally were able to enter into the sale at about 6:00am! While waiting in line, I made sure to look at the signs to see how the sale was organized so I could make the most of my shopping trip. I saw that the warehouse was organized into sections, by color, into women’s men’s, children’s, accessories, etc., which was very helpful. In addition to it being organized by color, each rack and table was split up by size, which made it even easier for everyone to find exactly what they were looking for! Once let in, my first stop was to the dresses, obviously! I picked up a few that caught my eye then made my way over to the shorts/skirts, then to the tops, bathing suits, accessories, and then I was off to the line for the fitting room. The line took about 10-15 minutes, which wasn’t too bad. I tried everything on and came out loving the Sloane shorts in hot pink ($39) and the Pearl dress ($119)! Unfortunately the other dresses I grabbed did not fit me right. I decided to make another trip around the warehouse to see if there was anything new on the floor or if I missed anything the first time through! Luckily, just as I was walking to look through the dresses for the second time, a lovely Lilly employee came out with a new rack of dresses and I couldn’t believe what my eyes had seen – the Briella dress in “Lucky Charms,” the dress I’ve had my eye on for months! I quickly made my way over to the rack, grabbed the dress, checked the size, and scrambled back over to the fitting rooms. I tried on the dress and I looked and felt great! As cheesy as it sounds, I know I was meant to have this dress! The price was just $89, marked down from it’s original $188. What a bargain! I put the other dress back, because I was on a budget, but kept the Sloane shorts. I made my way around the warehouse again, looking through the shorts, skirts, and finally the accessories. While digging through the boxes filled with scarves, iPhone cases, wallets, and other accessories, something caught my eye – a Carded ID Wristlet in “Chin Chin,” one of my new favorite prints, for just $14! I quickly grabbed it, seeing that it was the only one there. Score! I was so happy, seeing as this was on my list of things I had hoped to find at this sale! After finding this, I met my friends ar the cash registers to check out, then we made our way back home, exhausted from this early morning shopping trip. Though I only walked out with three items, I would call this day a huge success and I am very eager to see the great deals I’ll score next year! Check out the pictures below! :)

xx Emily

IMG_0486 IMG_0957 IMG_2912 IMG_6089 IMG_6380 IMG_8712

7 thoughts on “Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale!

  1. So fun! I can’t believe I lived right outside of Philly for so many years, and yet never made it to the warehouse sale! Wawa sounds like it really is the only way to make it through :)

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