Feels Like Christmas Eve!

Tomorrow’s the day, the first day of the Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale. I am so excited because it is my first Lilly sale and it’s the only sale of 2013, so I’m hoping to find some great deals! I have recently become obsessed with preppy fashion, including Lilly Pulitzer, and have been waiting patiently (actually, quite impatiently!) for this sale to arrive so I can finally purchase my first Lilly dress! I’m planning to sleep over at a friend’s house and we’re hoping to leave at around 3:15am. Yeah, you read that correctly. 3:15 AM. I’m not looking forward to getting such little sleep, but I know once I get there and wait in line with girls, women, and even children who share my love for Lilly, my excitement will overshadow my tiredness! My hopes for this sale are to find one or two cute summer dresses, a sunglasses strap, a wristlet or wallet, and maybe a cute bag or some jewelry. I’ll keep you updated on what great deals I find!

xx Emily

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