101 IN 1001

…in progress…

  1. Come up with 101 things
  2. Graduate college
  3. Get my first “real job”
  4. Move into my first “big girl” apartment
  5. Visit ten cities I’ve never been before
  6. Go to a New York Rangers game
  7. Have a reunion with my study abroad friends
  8. Read 20 new books
  9. Invest in a new lens for my camera
  10. Find out my blood type
  11. Donate blood
  12. See at least five concerts
  13. Run a 5k
  14. Visit the west coast
  15. See a Broadway play
  16. Send 20 handwritten notes
  17. Learn the basics of Photoshop and Illustrator
  18. Don’t go out to eat or get takeout for one month
  19. See an NFL game
  20. Attend a music festival
  21. Go vegetarian for two weeks
  22. Meditate every day for a month
  23. Spend a month blogging consistently (5 days/week)
  24. Get a tattoo or another piercing
  25. Learn the basics of coding
  26. Finally make a scrapbook from my semester abroad
  27. Reconnect with a high school teacher or college professor
  28. Become conversational in Italian
  29. Throw a dinner party
  30. Achieve and maintain my goal weight
  31. Try at least ten new foods
  32. Go wine tasting at a vineyard
  33. Give up soda for two months
  34. Watch ten documentaries
  35. Sort through all my photos and delete unwanted ones
  36. Go on a trip with my best friend(s)
  37. Visit 5 museums
  38. Stretch every night for a month
  39. Unplug for a day
  40. Get a massage
  41. Start and finish a new television show
  42. Make 5 crafts from Pinterest
  43. Make 5 recipes from Pinterest
  44. Read the bible
  45. Write a letter to be opened after 1001 days
  46. Be able to do a split
  47. Get my TEFL certificate
  48. Complete Duolingo in Spanish or Italian (or both!)
  49. Learn how to use my camera to its full extent
  50. Journal every day for a month
  51. Go hiking
  52. Get my mile time under 8 minutes
  53. Reach 300 blog posts
  54. Do a sponsored post on my blog
  55. Complete one adult coloring book
  56. Clean my closet and donate, store, or throw out all the things I never wear
  57. Take a photo each day for an entire year
  58. Go one month without shopping
  59. Surprise someone
  60. Attend a conference
  61. Get a facial or massage
  62. Take portraits for someone (family, children, senior pictures, etc.)
  63. Create a posting schedule for my blog
  64. Learn basics of SEO & Google Analytics
  65. Give up coffee for a week
  66. Give five “just because” gifts
  67. Take a barre class
  68. Read five biographies
  69. Go on a run every day for two weeks
  70. Post one outfit of the day per month on the blog
  71. Think about everything I’m grateful for at the end of each day
  72. Put $5 into my savings account for each task on this list I accomplish

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